Rain Washes out Meet Early – Still Sunshine For Flyers

Phoenix Flyers Track Club

Phoenix Flyers Track ClubKnowing that the meet on March 1st was going to be threatened by rain all day, the Flyers showed they were mentally and physically prepared for the elements with many personal records and high place finishes at the USATF regulation meet at Kellis High School in Glendale, Ariz.

Although a number of the Flyer athletes didn’t get a chance to compete due to the meet being canceled around noon, the over dozen that did compete gave some wonderful performances.

In the 100 meters, Although Owen Donnelly did compete, there were no official results for the 11-12 boys division, unfortunately. But our younger runners all had official marks. In the 8 and Under Girls: Ava Clegg ran a 20.61 and Isabella Allison ran a 22.53, which was a personal best by nearly 10 seconds! In the 8 and Under Boys: Cory Van Niekerk got blindsided by the lane two runner and was knocked down, causing him to be unable to finish his race. But brother Christoff had a clear path to the finish line, fortunately, and ran a very solid 23.29 seconds. Levi Shoemaker’s blazed a 18.9 time, while Braden Lolli set a new personal record in the 100-meters with an 18.07 finish. Charlie Allison was the sole 9-10 runner for the Flyers and finally got under the 16-second threshold, with a 15.89 finish – winning his heat and taking 8th place overall.carter-and-isa2

The long jump only had official results for our 8 and Under athletes on Saturday due to the inclement weather. Ava Clegg made the finals in the girls’ division and jumped 1.98 meters for a top-10 place. Isabella Allison had her second personal record of the day with a 1.65 meter jump, beating her previous best of 1.58, which she did up in Flagstaff two weeks ago.  Braden Lolli in the boys’ division, like Isa, found his second personal record of the day with a leap of 2.87 meters and also a 3rd place ribbon.

Our two hurdlers on Saturday, Tollen Lockett (11-12 Girls) and Carter Sokolvich (13-14 Boys) had never before competed in the 80-meter and 100-meter hurdles, respectively. Tollen had a strong showing in her first ever hurdling competition with a 6th place finish and a time of 18.98 seconds. Carter, although he had raced the hurdles at the junior high level, had never gone over 33″ hurdles at a 100-meter distance before, and crossed the line with a time of 21.05 seconds.

The 800-meter races were filled with personal records (or near personal bests) and some top finishes for the Phoenix Flyers. Braden Lolli, at this time last year was only competing in the 100 and 200 meter races, but this Saturday he took 2nd place the 8 and Under Boys’ division and was just a little over 1-second off his personal best of 3:15.61 with a time of 3:16.84. Hannah Weier, in the Girls’ 9 and 10 division just missed her best time ever by 1-second exactly with a 3:1Phoenix Flyers Track Club1.16  and an 8th place finish. Maddy Shoemaker (6th place) and Bekkah Weier (7th place), in the Girls 11-12 division, both broke the 3-minute barrier with personal best times of 2:56.41 and 2:58.10, respectively. In the Boys’ 11-12 division, Nathaniel Foltz just keeps dropping his times each meet and improving his placing. Saturday, Nate took 1st place in a decisive fashion and ran a new personal best of 2:41.33 – a full 2-seconds better than his time up at Flagstaff on Feb. 16th. Lastly, Carter Sokolvich in the Boys’ 13-14 division, had an 8th place finish and a very fast new personal record of 2:32-flat.

The mini-javelin had some great results, too. Charlie Allison, 9-10 boys’ division, crushed the competition by over 15 meters with a throw of 30 meters-even. In the girls 8 and Under division, we may have to check the water Isabella Allison and Sophia Walstad were cha-and-taitedrinking or check if there wasn’t a mix-up with the results. The official results had Isa (2nd) with a 8.11 meter throw and Sophia (3rd) with a 6.59 meter mark. I can’t speak for Sophia, but I am pretty confident my daughter didn’t hurl the javelin farther than Levi Shoemaker can throw. If anyone has video evidence of this event, I’d love to see it :-).

Although the weather wasn’t typical Phoenix sunshine, all of the Flyers seemed upbeat, laughing and having a good time overall in the crazy precipitation in Glendale on Saturday morning.

The Flyers next meet is on March 15th at Copper Canyon HS in Glendale, Arizona.



Foltz and Allison Take Home Some Hardware – Flyers Improve in Thin Air

NAu mascot 2

NAU mascotThe Phoenix Flyers were a small, but easily viewed group (with our new bright green tech shirts!) this past Sunday at the 23rd Annual Arizona Indoor Classic Youth West Zone meet up at NAU in the Skydome.

Nathaniel Foltz is finding success in the 800 meters thus far this season. Nate improved his time by nearly 5 seconds from his Feb. 1st performance. He ran a speedy 2:43.38 and took 2nd place in the 11-12 boys group. Later in the day Nate toed the line for the 1500 meter run and ran a gutsy 5:58.58 to take a 5th place ribbon.

Charlie Allison only taking one day of practice down the runway this early track season, still managed to pull off his second best all-time mark of 3.64 meters and taking the silver in the 9-10 boys long jump. Charlie also ran his first ever 55-meter dash and ran a respectable time of 9.16 seconds.

Although a bit nervous before each of her three events, Tollen Lockett still managed to come up with some very solid performances in the high altitude. Tollen had a best mark of 2.60 meters in the girls 11-12 long jump, which is a great start for her first time ever competing in this event. Another first for Tollen was running the open 400 meters. She managed to run a solid 1:25.55 time in this race. To round things out, Tollen just missed beating her previous time of 9.84 seconds in the 55-meter dash, as she broke the tape this day at 9.86 seconds.

Tollen’s sister, Taite Lockett also competed for the first time in the long jump, and there she had a leap of 2.29 meters. Taite, running always determined, was able to get two new personal records in her young track and field career with a 10.07 time in the 55-meter dash (previous best was 10.27) and smashing her 200-meter best by nearly 3-seconds with a PR of 36.67 seconds and placing 2nd in her heat.

The young Isabella Allison (5), who hadn’t done a running event since the Tucson meet last spring, braved the masses and was able to run a wild-legged 12.35 second 55-meter dash, beating 10 girls older than her in the girls 8 & Under division. But where Isa really showed her stuff was in the long jump, where she improved by more than .3 meters and had a personal best mark of 1.58 meters in the 8 & Under girls long jump.

The five athletes that made it up north this past weekend had a great time and more importantly a wonderful experience competing at the Skydome against kids from Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico.

The Flyers next meet is March 1st at Kellis High School.

Strong Performances by Flyers in Season Opener

21 athletes competed for our Phoenix Flyers Track Club yesterday at Westwood High School in Mesa, which was nearly double the largest turnout we had for any meet in 2013. With the rapid growth of the team in only a year, the Flyers already have hit some pay dirt with some PRs (personal records) and top-6 marks and finishes in the East Valley on Saturday.

Starting in the 8 and under division, Darian Dantzler took 3rd in the long jump (1.95 m), but also made the final in the 55 m dash, where he took 7th overall with a 10.66 finish. Levi Shoemaker, although a little groggy and grumpy when he stepped onto the track early Saturday morning, found a little pep in his step as he took 2nd place in the boys long jump with a 2.03 meter leap.  Another top-6 finisher was Braden Lolli, who worked on his speed in the 400 meters and took 5th overall with a nice opening time of 1:28.06. Although not top-6 finishers, there were two personal records set by our “veteran” teammates – Ava Clegg and Isabella Allison. Ava had a personal record in the 200-meter dash with a time of 43.72 seconds, while Isabella had her best long jump mark ever with a 1.22 vault.

In the 9-10 division, triathlete Colorado Stanley found that maybe they should add long jump after the swim, bike and run because he took 6th place in his first time on the long jump runway with a very respectable 2.98 meters. Another “veteran” Flyer, Hannah Weier, had a PR in the 200 meters (37.62) and also had a strong opening 800 m for the season with an 8th place finish (3:15.21).

The 11-12 age group had one of the many new additions to the Flyers this year, Nathaniel Foltz, showing an impressive kick in the final lap of the boys’ 800 meter race and winning his heat; but even more impressive was that his solid 2:48.15 time placed him 3rd overall. Another “old guard” of the Flyers, Bekkah Weier, bested her top 400-meter time from 2013 with a 1:21.89 on the Westwood High oval. Also Bekkah was the anchor-leg of our the Flyers’ first ever relay team (4×400) with Tollen Lockett, Maddy Shoemaker and Lexi Nissen running the prior legs. The girls took 4th place with a very respectable time of 5:41.86.

Two of our high school athletes, Marquis Nelson and Rees Young, who are getting ready to compete for Mountain Pointe High this spring, worked on their events with good opening marks. Maquis in the boys 17-18 shot put, had a PR of 9.45 meters and took 4th place. Rees Young, nursing a sore ankle, scratched from the 55-meter dash, but did compete in the long and triple jump, where she took 4th and 3rd respectively with jumps of 4.65 meters and 9.41 meters.

Overall, it looks like this is going to be a fun and competitive year for the Flyers. Everyone competed hard yesterday and we look forward to all of our athletes improving as the season progresses.

The next meet we can compete in is the 23rd Annual Arizona Indoor Classic Youth West Zone up at NAU on Sunday, February 16th. Then the first outdoor meet will be on March 1st (location still being determined).

FAQs – Phoenix Flyers Track Club

With track season only a month or so away, we thought we share with you common questions we get about the team:

Q: What ages is the club for?

A: Any age really. Most kids start around 6 years old, but we’ve had younger. Also, adults are more than welcome to join our club, too. There are not as many meets for adults as there are for kids, but it’s fun to lace up those spikes and see what you can do. There are folks in their 80s and 90s who still compete in track and field!

Q: When does the season start?

A: The season officially starts on the first Monday in January after the New Year. But the first meet is not until early March.

Q: How long is the season?

A: It starts in January and ends in June for most athletes, and goes until late July for those who make regional and national meets.

Q: What days and times are practice?

A: 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. @ Mountain. Pointe High School  in Ahwatukee (4201 E. Knox Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85044)

 Q: What if we can’t make it to practice everyday? Does that mean we can’t compete as much as the other athletes who are able to come regularly?

A: Absolutely not. Track and field is primarily an individual sport, so if your child needs to miss practice he/she is not “put on the bench”, so to speak. Obviously, the more an athlete can make practice the more he/she will improve.

Q: When are meets?

A: Meets are generally on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays as well. It’s really an all-day event, so the club usually sets up camp with tents, chairs and food while the team competes throughout the day.

Q: Do we need to travel far for meets?

A: Most meets are in the valley. We do go to Tucson once during the season and if you’re child qualifies for regional or national championship meets those are out of state.

Q: What is included with the club price?

A: Uniforms, training, USATF card (which is needed to compete and insurance purposes) and entries into meets (other than regional and national championships).

Q: Will you make my child compete in certain events or will he/she be able to choose what events he/she competes in?

A: While we will let you and your child know about events he/she may have a better aptitude for, we by no means make any child compete in a running or field event he/she doesn’t wish to try.

Q: Are parents expected to help out or volunteer during the season?

A: Yes. All USATF clubs are non-profit and in order to keep costs down we need parents to help at meets. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with a certain event, we’ll teach you how to run it.

Q: What events can my child participate in track and field?

A: Please check out our track info page to see what events there are for your child.

Hopefully, this gives you a good start on what we are all about. Please check out the rest of our website to learn all about Phoenix Flyers TC and how to become a member of our club.

New Look for Flyers in 2014

club-team-shirts_editedIn 2014, the Phoenix Flyers Track Club are going to look sharp! Out with the grey and black uniforms and in with the slick fluorescent green Phoenix bird on a black background. These uniforms will “Pop!” as Coach Todd explains and says it will be easy to find our runners out there on the track during meets.

Practice for the Phoenix Flyers will be on Monday, January 6th, 20014 at Mountain Pointe High School in Ahwatukee. Practices will be from 5:30-7:00 p.m. for youth athletes and 6:30-7:30 p.m. for adult athletes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

With 20+ athletes in our first season, we are hoping to bring in at least double that number this year. Also, we are looking to build up our adult (open/master) athlete division because there are a number of meets for adults (18 and over) throughout the valley over the track and round-phoenix-flyer-green_270px.jpgfield season as well.

We also are adding a wonderful addition to our coaching staff this year – Coach Leigh Fox Young. She is a Masters National Champion and Age group ranked athlete in numerous field events and will bring great energy, dedication and experience to our club.

So with only 2 months left until track season, make sure you talk to friends and family about coming out and being part of this wonderful Flyers team.

We are all excited on what could become an even more impressive season than last year.

See you all in the new year!

green usatf

4 PRs Set At USATF AZ Meet

As the heat index rose and summer vacation started to take hold, many of the Flyers did not compete at the USATF AZ State Meet last weekend (June 1-2, 3013). But for those who did, great results did follow.

Halle Yellowhair, who had a very solid performance in the 200 meters (40.96), really showed great improvement in the long jump. She jumped a season long of 2.31 meters, besting her former PR by over .3 meters (1.98).

Braden Lolli, in his last meet of the season, laid it all on the line when he came up with two PRs for the weekend. In the long jump, he squeaked a .01 meter PR by jumping 2.65 meters for the day. But his best performance came in the 400 meters where he broke the 1:27 mark by running a new season best of 1:26.7. Braden also ran a smart race in the 800 meter, by placing 2nd in the 8 & Under Boys’ age group with a confident run of 3:17.3.

Charlie Allison, although he couldn’t find his steps in the long jump and had to settle for a 3.31 meter performance, did not have any issue in finding his groove in the 9-10 Boys’ mini-javelin. He won the event by throwing over a  4-meter PR (32.04) in his 5th throw, after falling behind to Do-Right’s top thrower, who had just tossed the implement  30.44 meters and taking hold of 1st place, temporarily.

This week the team goes back to Mesa Community College to compete in the Arizona Junior Olympic meet. Top 4-finishers in each event will move on to the Junior Olympic Regional meet during the July 4th weekend back at Mesa Community College.

Allison Takes 1st in Javelin; Simon Reynolds Debuts in 100 meters

There’s nothing wrong with 2nd place, but Charlie Allison broke through to a 1st place ribbon for the first time this season, when he and the rest of the Flyers competed at the May 18 USATF Regulation Meet at Central High School in Phoenix, Arizona. Having come in 2nd in the 300-g mini-javelin in every meet he’s competed in this season, Charlie was able to throw a personal record of 27.64 meters to win the 9-10 Boys javelin division by over 1 meter.

Simon Reynolds, who just turned 5 years old this year, was fearless when he toed the line in his first ever 100 meter race. He ran an impressive 23.90 time and the Flyers look for him to suit up for hopefully an entire 2014 track & field season.

Ava Clegg, got out of her comfort zone and attempted her first ever 400 meter race on Saturday as well. With grit and determination she crossed the line in a time of 1:51.72 – well done Ava!

Other notable marks were Bekkah Weier’s personal record in the long jump of 3.01 meters and sister Hannah just missing a PR in the 800 meters by less than 4-tenths of a second (3:10.55).

With summer break upon us, many of our athletes will be traveling out of state and missing the last two meets (Arizona State Meet, June 1-2 and Arizona Junior Olympic State Meet, June 15-16). For those who have completed their season at Central High School on May 18th, It has been an incredible and enjoyable inaugral season for you and the Flyers.

We hope to see you back, with friends, in 2014!

Phoenix Flyers Team Pic

Phoenix Flyers Track Club End of Year Bash Set for June 9th!

With just about a month left of the youth track and field season, the Flyers are planning their 1st Annual Phoenix Flyers Track Club End of Year Bash for Sunday, June 2nd at the home of Michael and Annalisa Lolli.

With over 20 members (both competitive and non-competitive) in the Flyers first season, Coach Allison and Coach Todd are proud of the personal and competitive accomplishments each of their athletes have made in the last 4 to 5 months.

The Bash will be bbq burgers/hot dogs, pool party and awards for the entire team and family members.

The Phoenix Flyers TC wish to recognize and thank everyone for making this first season with us a successful one. This Bash is our little way to say we thank you to the athletes as well as the parents for allowing us to hopefully pass along our track and field knowledge to the next generation.

Party is from 11:30-2:30 on Sunday, June 9th.

Hope to see many of you there.

RSVP: Coach Allison – marathoncoach@gmail.com

Braden Lolli Wins 800 meters! Charlie Allison 3 PRs and Two 2nd Place Finishes!

The Flyers arrived at Chandler high school missing a few athletes due to illness, injury and outside commitments, but the 7 who competed had some strong showings.

With only a month before the Arizona Junior Olympic meet our Flyers are definitely beginning to find their rhythm in many of their events.

Braden Lolli (7) in the 8 & Under boys’ 800 meter smoked the competition with an impressive 3:15.61 debut. This is the Phoenix Flyers Track Club first 1st place finish in a meet this season. Braden also managed a 5th place showing in the boys’ long jump with a mark of 2.46 meters.

Although Charlie Allison (9) didn’t win his events he took home two 2nd place ribbons with PRs in the javelin (25.97 m) and also in the long jump (3.74 m). Charlie ended his day with a strong effort in the 100 meters with a new personal best of 16.12 seconds.

Ava Clegg (6) kept her PR streak alive with a nice improvement in the long jump with a 2.19 meter mark.

Halle Yellowhair (9), even though in the unfavorable outside lane 8, was able to drop her 400 meter time by over a second with a 1:28.13 finish.

Bekkah Weier (11) can’t seem to break that 2.94 meter mark in the long jump with her 3rd meet in a row attaining this distance; but she has found improvement in the javelin each and every meet. This week she managed to take 5th place and improve her throw to 12.38 meters.

Sister, Hannah Weier (8), while not setting any bests around the oval on Saturday was able to manage a PR in the javelin with a 8.64 meter throw.

Christina Diggs, who didn’t compete last weekend, was able to have some solid performances as well in the 400 meters (1:28.87) and in the long jump (2.85 meters) at Chandler.

The Flyers have no meet this upcoming weekend, but will compete next at Central High School for the  last Regulation meet of the season on Saturday, May 18th.

Bekkah Weier Sets 3 PRs at Westwood Regulation Meet

While there were many strong performances this past weekend (Apr. 27, 2013) for our Flyers at Weswood High School, none were more impressive than the 3 personal records set by Bekkah Weier.

While only tieing her long jump PR on Saturday with a solid 2.94 meter jump, Bekkah found herself becoming a bit more comfortable with the javelin technique and took a 6th place finish with a new best of 12.19 meters. Then Bekkah took to the track and ran a strong PR in the 400 meters (1:22.86).

Ava Clegg still kept her streak going of setting a PR in each meet she has competed in by setting a new long jump mark of 2.09 meters.

Braden Lolli had some solid performances on Saturday, but he saved his best for last as he ran a new personal record in the 200 meters with a time of 37.74 seconds.

Charlie Allison, after taking a hiatus from throwing the javelin at the Phoenix Invitational, came back strong this week by taking 2nd place in the 9-10 Boys Division and setting a new personal best by tossing the spear 24.54 meters.

The past two meets, Clay Diggs has figured out how to jump better and better. At The Phoenix Invitational two weeks ago every jump Clay attempted was a  new PR. On Saturday, Clay once again set a new tape measurement in the long jump with a best of 2.72 meters.

Although Sarah Rusanowski had some foot issues, she still managed to take 3rd place in the 800 meters in the Girls 13-14 division, while also besting her 400-meter time with a new personal record of 1:09.04.

This weekend the Flyers head over to Chandler High School for their next Regulation Meet.