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Flyers Throw Team Improves on Saturday

Lolli, Allisons and Columbus Win

Now that the Arizona “indoor” season is over, on Saturday, March 3rd the Flyers headed to Alhambra High School for their first of many regulation meets for the 2018 outdoor track and field season. As a team, we had many great personal and meet accomplishments. The Flyers throwing crew (shot put, discus and javelin) came to compete on Saturday with many strong marks throughout the afternoon.

8U Division

Antonio Arana who is toying with the idea of throwing the mini-javelin this year, stuck to the track as he streamed around the red-rubberized oval in the 200 meters with a finishing tick of 41.35 seconds.

9-10 Division

Italia Eason was registered for the 100 meters and the long jump on Saturday, but she seemed to only compete in the long jump. Her long jump debut was a good one as she leaped 2.48 m. Emerson Rhodes, a top 8U long jumper who has moved up divisions this year, had a 2.62 meter best attempt. While that isn’t Emerson’s best jump, we did see some awesome improvement with her overall speed down the runway. This was proven as she set a new PR for herself in the 100 meters by over one second (17.47).  Max Columbus had to be reminded more than once that he still needs to run forward when throwing the javelin. When he did finally decide to take his first three steps forward the javelin came off his hand like a missal for a  new PR (19.90 m) and a 4th place ribbon. Max also had another big PR in the 200 m (35.02) and ran 16.61 in the 100 m to round out his day. Isa Allison was having a hard time breathing all week, so was relegated to just throwing the javelin. Luckily, that’s Isa’s best event. She took first with a throw of 18.36 m, which was also a new club record.

11-12 Division 

Alex Columbus had his debut in the aero-javelin on Saturday and took 1st place. Alex threw with conviction and landed a top distance of 22.33 meters for the day. Alex also PR’d in the 400 meters dropping below the 80-second barrier (79.20) and looked like he’s getting into shape with a strong time of 14.95 in the 100 m as well. Ava Clegg continues to show signs that she is going to be a beast in the throws. She threw the discus for the very first time and took third with a very impressive distance of 13.06 meters. Ava also took 4th in the shot put (6.42 m) and ran a 1:28.66 to finish up her Saturday. Braden Lolli didn’t set a PR in the 800 on Saturday, but who cares! Braden had a gutsy kick as he dug deep and sped past another top 800-meter runner, Zuri Glenn of the AZ Burn, to take a one-second victory (2:30.75). Braden had an even more impressive run in the 400 (66.05), which was a new PR and  just missed a top-8 place. When Micah Newkirk figures out he’s a bada– on the track, we all better watch out! Micah once again set a new PR for himself (2:41.29) in the 800 meters, slicing three more seconds from his last week’s PR. Micah is still 10 years old (he turns 11 on Sept. 5th) and is competing with some kids more than two years older than himself. He ran a taxing race and just missed out on a ribbon with a 7th place finish.  After the hard 800, Micah came back a couple hours later to run a new PR in the 400 (1:13.06) to put a nice bow on this great running day.  Lucy Arana was told to get out fast in the 800 and to keep contact with the rest of the runners. She did that well and came away with a new PR and club record (which she already owned) in 2:44.78. Lucy, like Micah, came back to run the 400 and set another PR and club record by turning her legs over rapidly in 1:12.69. Gael Pacheco is learning to run the 800 meters and was rightly aggressive in the first lap. Gael did feel the second lap, but still ran a 3:00.48, which was a one-second PR. Gael came back strong as well and ran a good 400 time for him as he crossed the line in 1:18.40. Seth Henry ran hard on Saturday, but definitely needs to begin doing some block work to help him with his first few steps. He ran 14.29 in the 100 meters and 29.90 in the 200 m to complete his day.

13-14 Division  

Every one of our 13-14 athletes had not one, but two PRs on Saturday. Robert Vloemans had great personal success in the shot put, which he PR’d with a new high mark of 7.28 meters. In the discus, Robert found even larger improvement, when he threw a new best distance of 16.76 meters. Robert finished the day with the 200 meters, as he continues to flirt with low-30-second times (31.11). Khaleb Henry is feeling the power as he is a young’n in his new 13-14 division this season. Khaleb just missed the 20-meter threshold, as his discus sliced the air and landed 19.59 meters away from him for a 6th place ribbon. Khaleb also PR’d in the shot, where he got over 8 meters for the first time with a 8.06 m toss. Macy Baerman who is not one of our throwers, showed some sweet improvement with her speed on Saturday as she ran a 16.21 PR in the 100 meters and is obviously getting her wind back because she ran a new PR of 1:17.40 in the open 400. Macy also competed in the long jump, where dirt was displaced at 3.63 meters. Back to our throwers, Sebastian Arana’s new favorite number might be five as he took 5th place in both the shot and javelin, with two new PRs of 8.46 m and 21.95 m, respectively.  The saying “talk softly and carry a big stick” is proving to be Seb’s new mantra as each week he improves in the throwing events, while hardly uttering a single syllable. Charlie Allisoafter an early season departure last year to Honduras for over a month, was back for his first meet of the 2018 season and took advantage of it. Charlie won the javelin by over 17 meters with a PR and club record of 42 meters-even. He then matched is best 100 meter time of last year with a 13.19 second dash and while he couldn’t find his mark in the long jump, still managed a legal jump of 4.68 m to take 2nd place.

The Flyers will be back to the track on March 17th at Copper Canyon High School in Glendale for the next USATF AZ Regulation Meet.

Go Flyers!