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Good Start for Flyers on Home Track

Grimm takes 3rd in 100 meters – Many other Flyers PR

It was a very long day at the track last Saturday, not because our Flyers didn’t perform well, but because the meet ran for almost 9 hours. But luckily, the meet was at Mountain Pointe High School (our club’s home track) and so that took a bit of the sting out of the lengthy meet. As always, our Flyers performed well, so let’s see how they did.

9-10 Division

Max Columbus, a former 8U standout, now has stepped up to the “big boys” in the 9-10 division. Max  headed out to the track for the 400 meters, where he sneaked under 90-seconds with an opening season time of 1:28.52. Isa Allison, perhaps the most veteran 9-year-old on the track (as she enters into her 6th track season) ran the 100 meters in 16.55, which was both a PR and club record. Emerson Rhodes, another former fantastic  8U athlete last season, moved up this year as well and also ran the 100 meters, where she clocked a time of 18.48. Italia Eason, one of our brand new athletes this winter, had a strong showing in the 100 meters where she ran 17.68. Brady Brown, yet another new member to the Phoenix squad, was all smiles on Saturday in his new speed suit as he broke 18-seconds in the 100 meters with a finish of 17.59. But the man of the day was Auggie Grimm, who was with us last year, and now that he is 10 years old has something to prove, it would seem. He was lightning on the track as he set a new PR for himself (15.24) and took 3rd overall in the event – awesome job, Auggie!

11-12 Division 

Braden Lolli, who for some reason thought that running 1:11 in the 400 meter in PE class was supposed to make Coach Allison impressed, showed what he was really made of on the track Saturday as he ran two new PRs – 30.91 in the 200 m and 68.46 in the 400 m (where he took 6th).  Seth Henry, one of the fastest athletes on our team, showed why on Saturday, as he took 4th overall in the 100 m with a new PR and club record of 13.61. Ava Clegg, one of the “old” Phoenix Flyers, opened the season with a 400 m and did it quite well with a solid effort of 1:28.56.

13-14 Division 

Macy Baerman, now a permanent fixture with the Flyers, started the season with the 400 m and ran a 1:25.47, which is a good beginning for her in 2018. Robert Vloemans seems to love the 200 meter distance and so that is what he competed in on Saturday. He crushed his PR by nearly 3 seconds as he finished in 30.45 seconds.

15-16 Division 

Maddy Shoemaker, came out to see where her fitness and speed were this time of year. She ran a 15.6 100 m, which is quite a step up from her overturn usually; also, Maddy ran the 800 m, where she got out fast and ended the race with a 2:43.62 time and a 6th place ribbon.

The Flyers will be at Youngker HS on Feb. 10th for the second USATF AZ Regulation Meet of the season. Only indoor events will be competed at this event. Hope to see you there.

Go Flyers!