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Personal Records Abound For Flyers

Looks Like the Plan is Coming Together

One of the best Flyer team performances was witnessed yesterday at Highland High School in Gilbert. 

8 and Under

Antonio “Oso” Arana could only make it out to the 200 meters due to scheduling conflicts, but it was well worth it. Oso flashed around the corner in the 200 meters and ran a 36.00 to break his old club record, which he set two weeks ago, and took 7th place overall – great job, Oso!

Alex Schlue had a great day! He focused all his attention on the mini-javelin and it paid off! He threw over a 1-meter improvement in the event for a 14.90-meter mark, which was good enough for 2nd place.

9 and 10

Max “Muscles” Columbus is nearing closer to that 30-meter mark in the javelin, as he threw a new personal best of 29.17 m to take first and also had his first try in the shot put world, where he reached 6.50 meters, which was good enough for a 3rd place ribbon. Max also ran the 400 meters in a respectable time of 1:20.84.

Isa Allison has had her eye on one of the club’s longest records – the 9-10 Girls 200 meters. Well, on Saturday Isa broke it, running a 33.88. Isa also continued her dominance in the mini-javelin as she took 1st with a strong throw of 25.97 meters. Isa placed 6th in the long jump and just missed a new PR there as she leaped 3.47 meters.

Citta Anspach who is now without a cast, showed how he can really perform when he’s unencumbered. Citta rocked it out with a 19.75-meter mini-javelin throw for a PR and 3rd overall place. Citta also jumped a PR in the long jump (3.69 m) to take 4th and also set a new PR in the 100 meters with a time of 16.41. What a day for Citta!

Mackenzie Flynn in only her second ever track meet showed why she definitely belongs in this sport. Mackenzie flew in the air and moved the dirt under her after traveling 3.61 meters, which was good enough for a new PR and 4th overall pace. Mackenzie also ran close to another PR in her 100 meters, where she ran 17.61 seconds.

Emerson Rhodes performed with great effort on Saturday, but fell short of what she wanted to accomplish out at Highland. Emerson jumped 3.33 meters in the long jump, ran one of her faster 100s of her career (16.94) and caught a cramp in the last part of the 400 meters as she ran 1:30.99. We know Emerson will bounce back at the Phoenix Invitational in two weeks out at Mesa Community College.

11 and 12

Micah Newkirk didn’t run any PRs on Saturday, but he definitely showed why he could be the young-man to beat in the 11-12 division in middle-distance this year. Micah once again won the 800 meters convincingly in 2:37.17. Micah also showed some good turnover speed in the 100 m (16.23) and 400 m (73.37).

Elias Vega-Diaz is getting tough skin as he continues to figure out the Flyer ways with his training. Elias had two PRs yesterday – in the 100 meters he was knocking on the door of sub-16 seconds (16.14) and dropped a second in his 400 meters (1:16.73). Elias ran both of those races after running the 800 meters in 2:54.70, a little shy of his season’s best.

Simon Reynolds is on the comeback trail and it is a joy to behold. Simon is finding his legs again as he ran season bests of 1:21.58 (400 m) and 3:02.39 (800 m). Simon also threw the aero-javelin for the first time in competition and looks like he will be a threat as he placed 6th overall with a nice opening throw of 21.71 meters.

Dylan French,who has been showing great improvement in the long jump over the past weeks, competed in this event for the first time on Saturday with a best mark of 2.77 meters. Dylan also competed in the 100 meters, where he crushed his old 100-meter best time by a full second as he ran 17.35.

Seth Henry is truly on the precipice of greatness and he may not even know it himself. Seth had truly an amazing afternoon with times of 12.71 in the 100 meters (2nd place), 60.64 in the 400 meters (2nd place) and 27.54 in the 200 meters (3rd place). If Seth continues to work hard, he just may become one of the top sprinters in the U.S. for his age this year… Oh yeah, those times were all new PRs and club records for Seth.

13 and 14

Ava Clegg, is one of four Flyers who had three PRs on Saturday. Ava killed it in the discus with a 19.60-meter toss, which was good for 2nd place. She also had her best shot put mark of the year with a 8.23 meter thud and showed she’s not just a strong young woman, but has a little rev in her engine as she broke 16 seconds for the first time ever in the 100 meters (15.77).

Lucy Arana the once timid kid who would run straight to the back of the pack in nearly every race she would compete in is no more. Lucy is finding confidence in herself and beginning to believe what we’ve been telling her all along – she’s a really good runner! Lucy was aggressive in all three races she competed in and her determination paid off. Lucy took 6th in the 800 meters with great time of 2:38.68, broke 15 seconds in the 100 meters (14.97) and broke 70 seconds in the 400 meters (68.96).

13-14 Boys Distance Crew – (From left to right): Gael Pacheco, James Carter, Braden Lolli, Maddox Moses, Alex Columbus

Gael Pacheco who wanted to forget about the last time he was on this Highland High School track, hopefully now has replaced those thoughts with better feelings as he had strong performances on Saturday. Gael PR’d in the 800 meters with a 4-second improvement (2:42.76), PR’d in the 100 meters (15.42) and ran a strong 400-meter race as well (1:13.98) to round out his afternoon.

James Carter is growing with each meet. James, after just missing a PR in the 800 meters (2:57.65), came back to run two PRs. In the 100 meters (16.38) he ran his first sub-17 time and in the 400 meters chopped off a full two seconds from his previous best to run 1:16.72.

Braden Lolli probably didn’t plan for this 13-14 age-group campaign to start off the way it did with a few setbacks along the way, but I think it may have brought him a little focus and appreciation of how great performances aren’t given but rather earned. Braden took his first positive step this season on Saturday looking more like the ‘ol “B” we know and love. Braden set a new PR in the 100 meters (13.86), ran close to a PR in the 400 meters (65.93) and took 5th overall in the 800 meters with his best time of the year (2:31.82).

Maddox Moses has a little swag about him this year and we love it. Maddox ran three PRs yesterday and, dare I say, showed a little foot-speed, as well :-). Maddox ran 15.62 in this 100 meters, 1:13.11 in the 400 meters and just missed breaking 2:40 in the 800 (2:40.27) – great day!

Alex Columbus skipped the javelin on Saturday due to a sore elbow, but that had no negative effect on his running performances. Alex set a new PR for himself in the 100 meters (14.75), got under 70 seconds for the first time ever in the 400 (69.93) and just missed another PR in the 800 with a good time of 2:43.13.

Jake Blair due to a hurt toe, only threw the javelin on Saturday; but Jake has got a nose for success in this event and it showed again out in the East Valley. Jake threw a strong 32.22 meters to capture first place.

15 and 16

Sebastian Arana didn’t set any personal bests on Saturday, but came out of the day with two 1st place ribbons and some solid throws. In the javelin, Seb threw a day’s best of 29 meters and in the shot put got over 8-meters (8.16). Seb is poised to get over the 30-meter hump in the javelin in a couple weeks at The Phoenix Invitational.

Again, what a remarkable day for our Flyers!

Next meet is one of the biggest of the season – Phoenix Invitational – Mesa Community College on April 13-14.