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Flyers Meet Highlights

Rain Washes out Meet Early – Still Sunshine For Flyers

Phoenix Flyers Track ClubKnowing that the meet on March 1st was going to be threatened by rain all day, the Flyers showed they were mentally and physically prepared for the elements with many personal records and high place finishes at the USATF regulation meet at Kellis High School in Glendale, Ariz.

Although a number of the Flyer athletes didn’t get a chance to compete due to the meet being canceled around noon, the over dozen that did compete gave some wonderful performances.

In the 100 meters, Although Owen Donnelly did compete, there were no official results for the 11-12 boys division, unfortunately. But our younger runners all had official marks. In the 8 and Under Girls: Ava Clegg ran a 20.61 and Isabella Allison ran a 22.53, which was a personal best by nearly 10 seconds! In the 8 and Under Boys: Cory Van Niekerk got blindsided by the lane two runner and was knocked down, causing him to be unable to finish his race. But brother Christoff had a clear path to the finish line, fortunately, and ran a very solid 23.29 seconds. Levi Shoemaker’s blazed a 18.9 time, while Braden Lolli set a new personal record in the 100-meters with an 18.07 finish. Charlie Allison was the sole 9-10 runner for the Flyers and finally got under the 16-second threshold, with a 15.89 finish – winning his heat and taking 8th place overall.carter-and-isa2

The long jump only had official results for our 8 and Under athletes on Saturday due to the inclement weather. Ava Clegg made the finals in the girls’ division and jumped 1.98 meters for a top-10 place. Isabella Allison had her second personal record of the day with a 1.65 meter jump, beating her previous best of 1.58, which she did up in Flagstaff two weeks ago.  Braden Lolli in the boys’ division, like Isa, found his second personal record of the day with a leap of 2.87 meters and also a 3rd place ribbon.

Our two hurdlers on Saturday, Tollen Lockett (11-12 Girls) and Carter Sokolvich (13-14 Boys) had never before competed in the 80-meter and 100-meter hurdles, respectively. Tollen had a strong showing in her first ever hurdling competition with a 6th place finish and a time of 18.98 seconds. Carter, although he had raced the hurdles at the junior high level, had never gone over 33″ hurdles at a 100-meter distance before, and crossed the line with a time of 21.05 seconds.

The 800-meter races were filled with personal records (or near personal bests) and some top finishes for the Phoenix Flyers. Braden Lolli, at this time last year was only competing in the 100 and 200 meter races, but this Saturday he took 2nd place the 8 and Under Boys’ division and was just a little over 1-second off his personal best of 3:15.61 with a time of 3:16.84. Hannah Weier, in the Girls’ 9 and 10 division just missed her best time ever by 1-second exactly with a 3:1Phoenix Flyers Track Club1.16  and an 8th place finish. Maddy Shoemaker (6th place) and Bekkah Weier (7th place), in the Girls 11-12 division, both broke the 3-minute barrier with personal best times of 2:56.41 and 2:58.10, respectively. In the Boys’ 11-12 division, Nathaniel Foltz just keeps dropping his times each meet and improving his placing. Saturday, Nate took 1st place in a decisive fashion and ran a new personal best of 2:41.33 – a full 2-seconds better than his time up at Flagstaff on Feb. 16th. Lastly, Carter Sokolvich in the Boys’ 13-14 division, had an 8th place finish and a very fast new personal record of 2:32-flat.

The mini-javelin had some great results, too. Charlie Allison, 9-10 boys’ division, crushed the competition by over 15 meters with a throw of 30 meters-even. In the girls 8 and Under division, we may have to check the water Isabella Allison and Sophia Walstad were cha-and-taitedrinking or check if there wasn’t a mix-up with the results. The official results had Isa (2nd) with a 8.11 meter throw and Sophia (3rd) with a 6.59 meter mark. I can’t speak for Sophia, but I am pretty confident my daughter didn’t hurl the javelin farther than Levi Shoemaker can throw. If anyone has video evidence of this event, I’d love to see it :-).

Although the weather wasn’t typical Phoenix sunshine, all of the Flyers seemed upbeat, laughing and having a good time overall in the crazy precipitation in Glendale on Saturday morning.

The Flyers next meet is on March 15th at Copper Canyon HS in Glendale, Arizona.