Trip to Tucson Finds Good Results for Flyers

Walter Wallace Relays 2016

Walter Wallace Relays 2016

A rare Sunday only meet for the Flyers last week in Tucson. But those who made the trek down south to U of A country found good to great results at the Walter Wallace Relays at Cholla High School.

8 & Under Division

Isabella (Isa) Allison, finally stepped on the track in 2016 after a successful flag football season. Isa managed to take 2nd in the mini-javelin (9.29 m), 6th in the long jump with a new personal record of 2.52 meters and ran her best 100 meters ever in a quick time of 17.95 seconds. Solana Leyva had some strong performances herself last Sunday with times of 21.32 in the 100 meters and 48.89 in the 200. Max Columbus, back on the track for the second week in a row, jumped 2.27 for his first ever try in the long jump event. Max also ran 19.15 in the 100 meters and we believe (timing  and placement errors) 46.06 in the 200 meters.

9-10 Division 

Ava Clegg, who  was under the weather for the Millennium meet, came out last Sunday with a new found vigor. Ava set a personal record in the shot put (4.03) and took 2nd place as well! Ava also ran aggressive 100 meter (18.69 ) and 200 meter (42.75 ) races to finish up her day. Sean Camping, who was excited at the crack of dawn, sprang 2.50 meters in the long jump, ran 17.51 in the 100 and was part of the winning 4×400 team that ran 5:43.89.  Benjamin Geist, another member of the 4×400 team, also had a great 400 race of his own with a new PR of 1:18.94. Sofia Jourdon, nervous for her first 800 of the season, seemed to have nerves of steel as she took 3rd overall and crushed her personal record by 14 seconds with a time of 3:00.66.

Levi Shoemaker although he had the power, he could not find the mechanics in the mini-javelin last Sunday. Nonetheless, Levi still found a way to capture 3rd place with a very respectable throw of 14.61 meters. Levi got out of the blocks well in the 100 and took the tape in 16.67 seconds and was also another leg of the 4×400 boys’ team.  Braden Lolli, the anchor leg of the 4×400, also had a pretty strong day on his own. He took 3rd in the 800, just missing his PR with a time of 2:47.23 and ran a hard 400, crossing the line in 1:13.49.

11-12 Division

Macy Baerman had a very good opening meet for herself for 2016. Macy jumped a very strong 3.17 meters in the long jump, ran a hard 1:23.37 in the 400 meters and finished her day with a 37.41 200 meter race. Charlie Allison took to the track for the first time as well with strong opening performances. He took 2nd in the long jump with 4.49 meters, set a new PR for himself in the 100, winning his heat with a time of 14.42 seconds and taking 1st in the javelin with a toss of 34.29 meters. Jaiden Gilette a new member to the Flyers this year, had a great first meet as well. He ran 16.28 in the 100, ran a strong 200 in 33.34 and threw the mini-javelin for the first time ever and managed to get it 10.14 meters.

13-14 Division

Haila Reed although no PRs last Sunday, still managed three very strong times in her sprints: 13.54 in the 100 meters (4th), 27.69 in the 200 meters (6th) and 62.72 in the 400 meters (4th). Nathan Lind, found some good times as well last Sunday in the sprints. Nathan took 5th in the 100 with a run of 12.77 seconds and took 6th in the 200 with a time of 26.89 seconds. Maddy Shoemaker, stole back bragging rights from one Braden Lolli in the 400 when she crossed the tape in 71.93 seconds and setting  a new PR for herself. Maddy also took 2nd in the 1600 meters with a new PR for her of 5:49.04. Carson Dada, seemed to be going through some Groundhog Day like moment, as he ran 1:20.83 in the 400 meters, which was the exact same time he ran at the end of January. Carson also took 1st in the 100 meter hurdles with a time of 21.60 to cap off a strong day.

This weekend we were at the Bobcat Relays and I will posting a blog about that meet in the next day or so.

End of Season Recap for 2015 Flyers

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The 2015 has come to a close for the majority of our athletes, so here’s a quick recap of how the last few meets played out for our fantastic Flyers!

May 16th – Regulation Meet

8 & Under

Isabella Allison – Long Jump – 2.19 m (PR) and 8.59 meters in javelin for 3rd place
Jade Elcock – Long Jump – 1.34 m; 100 meters – 23.04; 200 meters – 50.97
Sofia Jourdon – Long Jump – 2.22 m; Mile – 6:49.48 (PR) for 2nd place
Simon Reynolds – 100 meters – 20.00 (PR) and 3:25.80 (PR) in 800 for 1st place


Ava Clegg – Member of the 5:47 Medley Relay team; Long Jump – 2.67 m and 4.01 m (PR) in the shot put for 4th place
Braden Lolli  –  Member of the 5:44 Medley Relay team (took 3rd) and won the mile in 6:24.05
Jake Blair  – Javelin – 19.59 m for 4th
Jay Nergard – 100 meters – 18.12 (PR) and 7.7 meters in the javelin
Levi Shoemaker – 15.84 m in the javelin for 8th place
Lucy Arana – Member of the 5:47 Medley Relay team
Macy Baerman – Member of the 5:47 Medley Relay team; 3.0 meters in the long jump for 8th place and new PR
Taylor Pinteric- Member of the 5:47 Medley Relay team
Ty Stinson – 2.52 m in the long jump and 11.00 metes in the javelin


Charlie Allison  –  Long Jump – 3.92 meter (4th); 32.83 seconds in 200; 3rd in 80 m hurdles (PR) 17.53
Colorado Stanley  – 80 m hurdles – 18.60 (4th); 3:28.39 in 800 m; 13.65 in javelin
Peyton Burnside – 800 meters – 2:58.01 (PR and 8th) and Mile in 6:26.28 (PR and 6th)
Sebastian Arana – 15.32 m in the javelin and 2.93 m in the long jump


Aria Jones – Member of the 5:10.24 Medley Relay and took 3rd in long jump – 4.23 m (PR)
Emily Hancock  – Member of the 5:10.24 Medley Relay; 200 m – 32.37; 100 meter hurdles – 20.59
Maddy Shoemaker – Member of the 5:10.24 Medley Relay
Cole Shapiro – Long Jump – 4.19 (4th); 100 meters – 14.01 (PR)
Roxy Jones – Member of the 5:10.24 Medley Relay

May 30-31 – Arizona State Meet

8 & Under

Jade Elcock – Long Jump – 1.59 m; 100 meters – 18.01 (PR); 200 meters – 47.42 (PR)
Sofia Jourdon – 1500 meters – 6:20.40 (PR) for 4th place


Ava Clegg – Long Jump – 2.07 m; Shot – 3.53; 100 m – 19.51
Braden Lolli  –  800 – 2:46.88 (2nd and PR); 1500 – 5:44.62 (2nd and PR)
Brynn Pickavance – Long Jump – 2.98; Shot – 3.06
Lucy Arana – 1500 – 6:32.91
Macy Baerman – Long Jump – 3.12 (PR); 200 m – 36.55 (PR); 400 m – 1:23.18 (PR)
Jake Blair – 100 m – 17.72; Javelin – 26.10 (1st and PR)


Clayton Huston  –  1500 – 6:14.37
Colorado Stanley  – 80 m hurdles – 18.3 (3rd); Javelin – 21.45 (PR)
Sebastian Arana – Javelin – 15.86


Aria Jones – Triple jump – 8.50 m (2nd)
Emily Hancock  – 100-meter hurdles – 23.74
Megan Griffith – Pole Vault – 2.44 m (4th)


Kaleigh Conlon – Discus – 41.70 (1st); Shot – 10.98 m (2nd)

June 13-14 – Arizona USATF Junior Olympics


Ava Clegg – Long Jump – 2.71 (PR); Shot – 3.86; 100 m – 18.34 (PR)
Braden Lolli  –  400 m – 1:19.45; 1500 m – 5:51.77 (2nd – Qualified for J.O. Region Meet)
Lucy Arana – 1500 – 6:22; 800 – 3:01.38 (PR)
Jake Blair – 100 m – 17.71 (PR); Javelin- 25.85 (2nd – Qualified for J.O. Region Meet)
Macy Baerman – Long jump – 3.23; 400 m – 1:16.89; 200 m – 36.85
Taylor Pinteric- 400 m – 1:18.92


Charlie Allison  –  Long Jump – 4.55 meter (PR and 5th); Javelin – 32.65 (2nd – Qualified for J.O. Region Meet); seconds in 200; 80 m hurdles – 16.96 (PR and 3rd – Qualified for J.O. Region Meet)
Colorado Stanley  – 80 m hurdles – 17.92 (PR and 5th); Javelin – 24.31 (PR and 6th)
Peyton Burnside – 3000 meters – 13:04.66 (PR); 1500 meters – 6:08.78 (PR)
Sebastian Arana – Javelin – 16.25


Emily Hancock  – 100 meter hurdles – 19.91 (PR); 100 meter – 14.96
Maddy Shoemaker – 3000 meters – 12:26.87
Megan Griffith Cole – Pole Vault – 2.59 (PR and 2nd – Qualified for J.O. Region Meet)


Chynna Simmons  –  Triple Jump – NM; Javelin – Long Jump – 5.08
Tria Seawater-Simmons  – Triple Jump – 11.64 (1st – Qualified for J.O. Region Meet); Long Jump – 5.17  (3rd – Qualified for J.O. Region Meet)
Isaiah Banks – Triple Jump – 12.76; (3rd – Qualified for J.O. Region Meet); Long Jump – 6.11
Nic Sibley – Triple Jump -13.60 (PR and 1st – Qualified for J.O. Region Meet);  100 m – 11.03

A lot of PRs the last few meets, which is what we are striving for here. Braden Lolli, Charlie Allison, Jake Blair, Tria Seawater-Simmons, Isaiah Banks and Nic Sibley all qualified for the Junior Olympic Region Meet in El Paso, TX on July 9-12, and they all have a good chance of making it to the Junior Olympic Nationals.

Again, thank you to all of you who have made our 3rd season another successful one – see you in January of 2016 for our 4th!

4 New Club Records Set at Arcadia High School


With only about half the team coming out this past Saturday for the USATF AZ Regulation Meet held at Arcadia High School on May 2nd, you would think that maybe the Phoenix Flyers had lost some momentum in the early days of May – nothing could be farther from the truth, as 4 athletes set new club records for the Flyers, with many others setting new personal best marks/times for themselves.

8 & Under Division

Jade Elcock got another PR, this time in the 200 m (22.43) and also jumped for only the second time this season with a leap of 1.52 in the long jump. Emma Fernandez who has run a couple of our Time Trial Tuesday events, hadn’t been out for a meet all year – but wow, did she show her stuff on Saturday! Emma took 4th overall in the 400 with a great time of 1:26.83, ran 18.48 in the 100 m and jumped a 2.11 in the long jump. Isabella Allison placed 5th in the mini-javelin with a solid throw of 8.47 meters and jumped a respectable 1.84 meters in the long jump, as well. 

9-10 Division 

Ava Clegg just missed her PR in the long jump, going 2.50 meters and ran the  100 meters in 19.27 seconds. Braden Lolli set 2 new PRs for himself over the weekend, one of those being a club record as well (400 meters). Braden ran 15.82 seconds in the 100 meters (not too shabby for a distance guy) and then came back with an 8th place finish, from the outside lane, to run 1:14.02. Brynn Pickavance was ready to go on Saturday with 2 new PRs of her own – got to the 3-meter mark in the long  jump for the first time and also broke 18 seconds in the 100 meters with a good split of 17.74 seconds. Jay Nergard running one event all day, made it count as he ran a new PR in the 100 with a time of 18.2 seconds.

Ty Stinson got his feet out in front of him finally and that enabled him a new PR in the long jump of 2.77 meters; Ty also competed in the javelin where he threw 11.66. Macy Baerman came so close to hitting a new PR in the long jump, leaped a very solid 2.86 meters. Macy also ran in the 200 (38.37) and 400 (1:29.34) on Saturday. Taylor Pinteric had 2 new PRs, and one of those breaking her own club record (400 m). Taylor jumped 2.86 meters in the long jump, but took 6th in the 400 meters and went under 80 seconds for the first time with a very strong run of 1:18.21.

11-12 Division

Although Colorado Stanley  didn’t have his best jump (2.94) or best throw (18.74) on Saturday, he definitely left it all out there in the hurdles where he ran a new PR and a new club record. Colorado nearly dropped a full second off his best hurdle time and took 2nd overall in the 80 m hurdles (17.93). Charlie Allison having been getting over bad allergies and breathing issues, stuck with field events on Saturday and had some solid performances. Charlie jumped 3.71 m to take 8th and won the javelin with his first throw (37.91), which also is a new Flyers’ club record. Peyton Burnside, who doesn’t usually like the faster races, showed great enthusiasm as she took the 800 and the 400 with gusto and ran two new PRs (2:58.50 and 1:20.92). Clayton Huston had some solid performances on Saturday with a 2.96 jump and 3:02.07 800 meters. Reece Johnson, like Jay Nergard, came out to run only one race (100 meters) on Saturday, but made it count, as she ran a new PR of 17.50 seconds.

13-14 Division

Emily Hancock, our sole 13-14 athlete, had a new season’s best in the 100 (14.95) and ran the 400 in 1:16.89 to finish out her day.

In two weeks (May 16th), the Flyers will be heading west to compete in the new Walter Wallace Relays. It should be a fun and different feel due to the number of different relays the Flyers will be able to compete in.

Phx Flyers: Many PRs at PIs


In one of the largest meets that any of our athletes will compete in all year (over 2000 entrants), our Phoenix Flyers showed their mettle at the Phoenix Invitational at Mesa Community College on April 18-19.

8 & Under Division

Isabella Allison placed 4th in the mini-javelin with yet again another personal record (10.29 meters) beating many girls that are 1-2 years older than her. Isa also competed for the first time in the shot (2.68) and took part in the long jump where she jumped 2.03. Jade Elcock got another PR in the 100 meter, where she ran a quick 22.62 and sauntered in a 50.36-seconds in the 200 and long jumped 1.70 meters (her 2nd time competing in this event). Sofia Jourdon ran some gutsy races in the 800 and 1500, where she placed in the top-8 in both events (8th in 800 and 6th in 1500) and ran some new PRs – 3:14.36 and 6:19.96! Simon Reynolds made his first appearance on the track this season competing in the 100 (20.25), 200 (40.2 – new PR) and 400 (1:33.41 – new PR) with some good focused running.

9-10 Division 

Ava Clegg had no PRs over the weekend, but had some solid personal performances – 2.30 meters in the long jump, 3.71 meters in the shot put and 18.76 seconds in the 100 m. Braden Lolli set 2 new PRs for himself over the weekend and took 6th in the 1500. Braden ran a gutsy 800 m in 2:55.4 (PR) and also ran a 15-second PR in the 1500 with a great time of 5:54.15. Brynn Pickavance wasn’t totally on her game over the weekend in her field events, but shaved .01 seconds off her 100 to claim a new PR in that event. Jake Blair  jumped, ran and threw over the weekend; but it was his new PR in the mini-javelin (24.43 m), which found him a 5th place overall finish in that event.

Levi Shoemaker boasted about how he was going to beat his older sister’s (Maddy) best time in the 200 from last season and that he did, with a new PR for himself in 37.21 seconds. Levi also threw a new PR in the javelin with a toss of 15.75. Ty Stinson came out and performed in the long jump and mini javelin just missing some PRs in both of those events. Lucy Arana had a terrific weekend with 2 new PRs and one great opening time in the 1500. Lucy jumped a PR of 2.69 in the long jump, ran a new 800 PR (3:07.92) and then ran her first 1500 in a very solid time of 6:09.42. Macy Baerman, due to scheduling conflicts couldn’t compete in the 400 and long jump, but on Saturday she did come out and hit some new PRs in the 100 (17.64) and 200 (37.03). Taylor Pinteric keeps improving in the longer sprints and Sunday was no different when she set a new club record and new personal best in the 400 meters with a time of 1:21.70.

11-12 Division

Colorado Stanley had once again multiple PRs over the weekend. He threw over 20 meters for the first time in his career in the mini javelin with a 20.66 toss, jumped a very solid 3.24 meters in the long jump, yet another PR, and ran under 19-seconds in the 80-meter hurdles (18.88). Charlie Allison had no PRs over the weekend, but did have his season best jump of 4.08 meters and took 4th overall in the javelin with a 33.91 effort. Peyton Burnside, who was very excited to compete in the 3000 for the first time this season, came through with a great performance of 13:06.35. Clayton Huston had not his best weekend, but ran tough in the 800 with a 3:05.37 finishing time. Sebastian Arana jumped over 3 meters in the long jump (3.02) and threw over 16 meters in the javelin (16.79), both for the first time, setting two new personal bests for himself. Natalie Coats ran a very fast 100 meters to give herself a new PR (16.75) and tried the 200 meters for the first time as well and ran a competitive 35.08 split.

13-14 Division

Emily Hancock had her 2nd PR of the year when she ran 31.77 in the 200 over the weekend. Emily also competed in the 100 hurdles where she ran 20.77. Cole Shapiro in his second track meet with the Flyers didn’t find PRs in the 100 (14.31) or long jump (4.51), but came out blazing in the triple jump, where he took 5th with a very good mark of 8.87 meters. Megan Griffith, came back to the pole vault where she vaulted 2.13 meters (PR) and took 6th in the triple jump (7.88 m) with her, I believe, first ever attempt in this event. Maddy Shoemaker had a 30-second PR in the 3000 meters and took 3rd place overall (11:39.49) and came back in the 1500 m the following day and just missed setting a second PR for the weekend (5:28.19). Colby Grennan didn’t find any PRs over the weekend in the long jump (4.33) or 100 hurdles (21.67). but he did run a solid 200 m (29.46) for his first attempt as a Flyer in this event. Aria Jones used those long legs of hers to take 5th in the triple jump with a very strong mark of 8.55 meters. And Ariana Coats in her 2nd meet ever dropped 5-seconds off her previous 800 meters time, to run a much improved 3:16.16.

The Flyers next meet is on May 2nd at Arcadia High School in Phoenix, Arizona.

A Baker’s Dozen (+1) of PRs on Saturday at Millennium


In the truly first hot day of the year the Phoenix Flyers headed west to Millennium H.S. for a USATF AZ Regulation meet on Saturday, March 14. There were 14 personal bests by our athletes this weekend, plus some top-6 performances that earned some of them ribbons as well.

8 & Under Division

jade 100Jade Elcock had a strong performance in the 100 meters on Saturday, nearly dropping an entire second off her previous best time as she crossed the finish in 22.72 seconds. Isabella Allison, maybe will try to set some state records like her brother in the mini javelin one day, but at 6 years old, she found a way to get 5th place and set a new PR for herself with a nice throw of 7.41 meters.

9-10 Division

Ava Clegg, didn’t set any new PRs on Saturday (but just missed one in the long jump where she jumped 2.31 m), but she did try a new event – shot put – where she found air under the weighted orb for 3.06 meters. Braden Lolli found another gear in the 400 meters, where he shattered his previous time by almost 5 seconds with a new best of 1:15.98. Braden also managed to garner himself with two ribbons (5th and 6th places) in the long jump (3.24 m) and in the 800 meters (2:55.79 – PR by over 4 seconds), respectively.

Brynn Pickavance was no novice this day. With now one track meet under her belt, Brynn competed much more confidently and found 2 new PRs for herself in the long jump (2.52 m) and in the 100 meters (18.26). A new member of our team, Ava Busot, ran a very strong 100 meters with a time of 17.89 seconds. Ava’s friend, Camila Cornejo-Farmer, keeps knocking down her time in the 100 meters, where on Saturday she set another PR for herself jake tjwith a finishing time of 16.73.  Jake Blair, who came directly from a lopsided soccer victory to make the meet, wasted no time in setting two new PRs for himself and taking a 2nd place ribbon. In the long jump, Jake jumped a new best of 3.15 m; but Jake showed why he was a national qualifier in the mini-javelin last year by throwing 22.78 meters on the west side of town and landing himself in the 2nd spot.

Levi Shoemaker, absolutely crushed his former best in the 100 meters by over a full second with a new time ofmacy-400-m-300px 17.74. Macy Baerman, moved up to the 400 meters for the first time on Saturday with a strong race and finish (1:28.94) and looked like she may have found her new event for 2015. Ty Stinson, a bit apprehensive about competing in his second track meet ever, performed admirably in the 100 meters (20.36) and long jump (2.06 m) on Saturday, as well.

11-12 Division

rado-300px-hColorado Stanley seems to be taking a strong liking to the mini-javelin, where he once again set a new PR for himself (18.98 m) and made it to the final round. Colorado also had his first go at the 80-meter hurdles, where he placed 3rd and succeeded in the first goal of hurdling – to not fall down. Charlie Allison, like Colorado, also tried the 80-meter hurdles for the first time, didn’t fall either and took 2nd. Charlie found a new PR in the 100 meters, where he posted a 15.09 time and clay-100-300pxalso managed to find his mark in the long jump to take a 5th place ribbon (3.73 m). Clayton Huston (I am allowed to call him “Clay”) had nearly a 5-second PR in the 400 meters, where he ran 1:17.66 and also enjoyed the long jump (2.91 m) and 100 meters (17.05), as well.

Peyton Burnside, who finally had her chance at a distance event (1500 m) didn’t squander the opportunity at all by taking 6th place and ran a very impressive opening season time of 6:14.85. Luke Busot, another new addition to the Flyers this season, ran a strong 400 meters where he clocked in at 1:19.98 and also took to the air in the long jump where he got a mark of 3.25 meters.

13-14 Division

The lover of track and field, Emily Hancock, had a very strong day on Saturday. Although no new PRs were established, she ran season bests in the 100 m (15.14), 400 m (1:16.4) and looked great over the 100-meter hurdles for the first time ever with a time of 20.56 seconds. Maddy Shoemaker is getting too predictable by setting PRs every meet and Saturday she didn’t disappoint. She set a new PR in the 1500 by over 12 seconds (5:27.95) and just missed our club record by 2 seconds in the 13-14 girls’ division – oh, and she took 2nd place in the race, by the way…ho-hum…

The Flyers are off this weekend, but will have a shorter trek for their next meet, which will be at Chandler HS on March 28th.

Lolli Lolli Lolli: Braden and Carter Lolli get Awards not Adverbs at Phoenix Invitational

Lolli Lolli Adverbs phoenix flyers

Over 2000 youth athletes from Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Texas descended upon Mesa Community College last Saturday and Sunday (April 4-5) for the 50th Phoenix Invitational. The weekend didn’t disappoint, as amazing young athletes ran fast, jumped and threw far at one of the oldest and most prestigious track meets in the country for youth track and field. This is a very difficult meet to get a ribbon (4th thru 8th place) and even harder to receive a medal (1st-3rd place) – but a handful of our Flyers did just that last weekend.

Charlie Allison

It wasn’t a huge surprise that Charlie Allison, in the boys 9-10 division, continued his strong season by placing 2nd in the javelin with a season best of 34.96 meters – just missing 1st by .3 meters and also setting a new long jump PR with a 3.78 meter mark; What was a pleasant surprise was newcomer, Carter Lolli, who found a third place medal in his possession on Sunday after he threw a season long 22.86 meters – beating his previous mark of 18.34 meters from March 15th.

Not to be outdone by his older brother, Braden Lolli not only took 3rd in the long jump with a new PR of 3.31 meters, but took 12 seconds off his 800 meter best (3:02.31) and taking 8th place, while also attaining a faster time in the 400 meters with a 1:21.44.

Dylan Anderson

Dylan Anderson, only in his second-ever track meet, found success in the boys 11-12 high jump – placing 1st with a leap of 1.35 meters, and then coming back in the long jump and placing second with a tremendous jump of 4.80 meters.

Jake Blair

Isabella Allison, managed a new PR in the javelin with a 4.4 meter toss. Jake Blair had a very solid mark of 2.84 meters in the long jump for a new best, as well as knocking off over 2 seconds in the 200 meters with a new time of 41.94. Levi Shoemaker also found another gear in the 200 meter race and setting a new fastest mark for himself with a time of 42.49 seconds.

Taite Lockett set a new personal best in the long jump with a nice improvement of 2.63 meters in the girls 9-10 division. While Hannah Weier, also one of our 9-10 year-old athletes, found two PRs in the 800 and 1500 meter races. Hannah squeaked a best in the 800 with a new time of 3:08.45, but really raised the bar in the 1500, where she was tenacious and strided to a very good time of 6:13.97.

Maddy Shoemaker

Lexi Nissen,  in our 11-12 girls division, came up with two new PRs over the weekend, with a nearly 2-second improvement in the 200 meters (36.6) and a very strong effort in her 400 meters, setting a new best for her of 1:20.68. Maddy Shoemaker, also came up with two new PRs over the weekend in the 800 and 1500. She chipped a bit deeper past the sub-3 minute 800 meters with a new best of 2:53.59, but like Hannah Weier, really shined in the 1500, where she dropped 13 seconds off her best time to a new mark of 5:40.91. Bekkah Weier, also found great success in the 11-12 girls 1500 meters, where she lowered her best time down to 5:49.48. Nate Foltz was another of our 1500 meter crew who found a new PR as well and looked solid in the process (5:38.68).

Owen Donnelly

Away from the distance events, in our 11-12 division, you had Owen Donnelly throwing a great javelin to a new long mark of 21.63 meters, Tollen Lockett jumping to a new best distance of 3.17 meters and Diego Avila setting a PR in the 400 meters with a new time of 1:17.09.

In the 13-14 division, Carter Sokolovich was our other three-time PR athlete over the weekend. Setting new best times in the 200 meter hurdles (32.86), 800-meter run (2:27) and in the 1500-meter run (5:09.51). Kit Donnelly found his stride on Sunday and crossed the line with personal best in the 400 (1:17.87) and then our sole 15-16 girl athlete, Camille Avila, ran her first ever 400 meter with a respectable time of 1:18.56.

The Flyers next meet is on April 26th at South Mountain High School.


Foltz and Allison Take Home Some Hardware – Flyers Improve in Thin Air

NAu mascot 2

NAU mascotThe Phoenix Flyers were a small, but easily viewed group (with our new bright green tech shirts!) this past Sunday at the 23rd Annual Arizona Indoor Classic Youth West Zone meet up at NAU in the Skydome.

Nathaniel Foltz is finding success in the 800 meters thus far this season. Nate improved his time by nearly 5 seconds from his Feb. 1st performance. He ran a speedy 2:43.38 and took 2nd place in the 11-12 boys group. Later in the day Nate toed the line for the 1500 meter run and ran a gutsy 5:58.58 to take a 5th place ribbon.

Charlie Allison only taking one day of practice down the runway this early track season, still managed to pull off his second best all-time mark of 3.64 meters and taking the silver in the 9-10 boys long jump. Charlie also ran his first ever 55-meter dash and ran a respectable time of 9.16 seconds.

Although a bit nervous before each of her three events, Tollen Lockett still managed to come up with some very solid performances in the high altitude. Tollen had a best mark of 2.60 meters in the girls 11-12 long jump, which is a great start for her first time ever competing in this event. Another first for Tollen was running the open 400 meters. She managed to run a solid 1:25.55 time in this race. To round things out, Tollen just missed beating her previous time of 9.84 seconds in the 55-meter dash, as she broke the tape this day at 9.86 seconds.

Tollen’s sister, Taite Lockett also competed for the first time in the long jump, and there she had a leap of 2.29 meters. Taite, running always determined, was able to get two new personal records in her young track and field career with a 10.07 time in the 55-meter dash (previous best was 10.27) and smashing her 200-meter best by nearly 3-seconds with a PR of 36.67 seconds and placing 2nd in her heat.

The young Isabella Allison (5), who hadn’t done a running event since the Tucson meet last spring, braved the masses and was able to run a wild-legged 12.35 second 55-meter dash, beating 10 girls older than her in the girls 8 & Under division. But where Isa really showed her stuff was in the long jump, where she improved by more than .3 meters and had a personal best mark of 1.58 meters in the 8 & Under girls long jump.

The five athletes that made it up north this past weekend had a great time and more importantly a wonderful experience competing at the Skydome against kids from Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico.

The Flyers next meet is March 1st at Kellis High School.

Strong Performances by Flyers in Season Opener

21 athletes competed for our Phoenix Flyers Track Club yesterday at Westwood High School in Mesa, which was nearly double the largest turnout we had for any meet in 2013. With the rapid growth of the team in only a year, the Flyers already have hit some pay dirt with some PRs (personal records) and top-6 marks and finishes in the East Valley on Saturday.

Starting in the 8 and under division, Darian Dantzler took 3rd in the long jump (1.95 m), but also made the final in the 55 m dash, where he took 7th overall with a 10.66 finish. Levi Shoemaker, although a little groggy and grumpy when he stepped onto the track early Saturday morning, found a little pep in his step as he took 2nd place in the boys long jump with a 2.03 meter leap.  Another top-6 finisher was Braden Lolli, who worked on his speed in the 400 meters and took 5th overall with a nice opening time of 1:28.06. Although not top-6 finishers, there were two personal records set by our “veteran” teammates – Ava Clegg and Isabella Allison. Ava had a personal record in the 200-meter dash with a time of 43.72 seconds, while Isabella had her best long jump mark ever with a 1.22 vault.

In the 9-10 division, triathlete Colorado Stanley found that maybe they should add long jump after the swim, bike and run because he took 6th place in his first time on the long jump runway with a very respectable 2.98 meters. Another “veteran” Flyer, Hannah Weier, had a PR in the 200 meters (37.62) and also had a strong opening 800 m for the season with an 8th place finish (3:15.21).

The 11-12 age group had one of the many new additions to the Flyers this year, Nathaniel Foltz, showing an impressive kick in the final lap of the boys’ 800 meter race and winning his heat; but even more impressive was that his solid 2:48.15 time placed him 3rd overall. Another “old guard” of the Flyers, Bekkah Weier, bested her top 400-meter time from 2013 with a 1:21.89 on the Westwood High oval. Also Bekkah was the anchor-leg of our the Flyers’ first ever relay team (4×400) with Tollen Lockett, Maddy Shoemaker and Lexi Nissen running the prior legs. The girls took 4th place with a very respectable time of 5:41.86.

Two of our high school athletes, Marquis Nelson and Rees Young, who are getting ready to compete for Mountain Pointe High this spring, worked on their events with good opening marks. Maquis in the boys 17-18 shot put, had a PR of 9.45 meters and took 4th place. Rees Young, nursing a sore ankle, scratched from the 55-meter dash, but did compete in the long and triple jump, where she took 4th and 3rd respectively with jumps of 4.65 meters and 9.41 meters.

Overall, it looks like this is going to be a fun and competitive year for the Flyers. Everyone competed hard yesterday and we look forward to all of our athletes improving as the season progresses.

The next meet we can compete in is the 23rd Annual Arizona Indoor Classic Youth West Zone up at NAU on Sunday, February 16th. Then the first outdoor meet will be on March 1st (location still being determined).

New Look for Flyers in 2014

club-team-shirts_editedIn 2014, the Phoenix Flyers Track Club are going to look sharp! Out with the grey and black uniforms and in with the slick fluorescent green Phoenix bird on a black background. These uniforms will “Pop!” as Coach Todd explains and says it will be easy to find our runners out there on the track during meets.

Practice for the Phoenix Flyers will be on Monday, January 6th, 20014 at Mountain Pointe High School in Ahwatukee. Practices will be from 5:30-7:00 p.m. for youth athletes and 6:30-7:30 p.m. for adult athletes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

With 20+ athletes in our first season, we are hoping to bring in at least double that number this year. Also, we are looking to build up our adult (open/master) athlete division because there are a number of meets for adults (18 and over) throughout the valley over the track and round-phoenix-flyer-green_270px.jpgfield season as well.

We also are adding a wonderful addition to our coaching staff this year – Coach Leigh Fox Young. She is a Masters National Champion and Age group ranked athlete in numerous field events and will bring great energy, dedication and experience to our club.

So with only 2 months left until track season, make sure you talk to friends and family about coming out and being part of this wonderful Flyers team.

We are all excited on what could become an even more impressive season than last year.

See you all in the new year!

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